Articulatory variability and coordination: Speech errors from a dynamical perspective

Anneke Slis (LPP, CNRS/Sorbonne Nouvelle)
29 novembre 2019, 14h0015h30
Salle Rousselot (ILPGA, 19 rue des Bernardins, 75005 Paris)

The proper act of speaking is one of the factors that leads to effective communication between people. The seemingly invariant sequence of planned and produced speech units frequently results in an extremely variable output of articulatory movements; sometimes to such an extent that the speaker produces a, by the listener, perceived speech error. Interestingly, the speaker his or herself frequently doesn’t notice the error, suggesting that immediate auditory feedback is not the most important channel to monitor speech productions.  Since decades, the production and correction of speech errors have been a valuable source of information for linguists to model speech and language production processes. In general, errors have been interpreted and modeled as originating at the phonological level, because of competing phonemes or features. More recent studies suggest that errors are more gradual and, in certain cases, originate at the articulatory level. l present a series of studies, conducted at the Oral Dynamics lab in Toronto, examining errors from an articulatory point of view, exploring whether speech errors were influenced by phonetic context and thus originated at a lower phonetic or articulatory level. In addition, I will present data on how speakers control for these articulatory speech errors.

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