Proposing and testing a new nasality index measured using a synchronous multi-sensory system

Patrick Chawah (LPP, CNRS/Paris3)
17 juin 2016, 14h0015h30

We have lately developed a non-invasive multi-sensor acquisition set – the hyper-helmet – for rare songs recording in an intangible cultural heritage safeguarding perspective. In this presentation, we take advantage of this articulatory sensing system to study and test a new nasality index. The helmet’s acoustic microphone and nasal piezoelectric accelerometer are used to calculate an oral/nasal rms ratio. An ElectroGlottoGraph instrument is the mean to estimate the voicing selector parameter. In addition, a non-intrusive tongue imaging sensor (an ultrasonic probe) and a lips movement camera are backups for articulatory and nasality qualitative interpretation. A software has been developed for synchronous acquisition of all sensors and it is been used to record an English corpus interpreted by a native English-speaking Canadian mid-age man. Multiple tests have been held to verify numerous nasality theories. Some results are shown in this presentation.

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