Probing articulatory coordination using Real-time MRI

Louis Goldstein (Univ. of Southern California)
18 mai 2018, 14h0015h30

The talk will present an overview of the MRI-based research on articulatory coordination ongoing at the Speech Production and Articulation kNowledge (SPAN) group at the University of Southern California. This will include a description of the methods used for real-time data acquisition, the analysis and measurement techniques that have been developed, and their application to 3 issues : (1) how do individual talkers differ in their coordination of multiple articulators to produce vocal tract constrictions, and how much of that variation is due to anatomical differences ? (2) How are the laryngeal raising and lowering gestures associated with ejectives and implosives coordinated with their oral constriction gestures ? (3) What aspects of consonant and vowel production are maintained or lost following a partial glossectomy, and how do glossectomy patients compensate for reduced lingual mass and mobility, post-operatively ?

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