Linking perception and production in a cue-distractor paradigm (Adamantios Gafos, joint work with Kevin Roon and Chris Kirov)

Adamantios Gafos (Université de Postdam & Haskins Laboratories)
08 avril 2016, 14h0015h30

When speaking words, a person must retrieve the phonological representation of a target lexical item by assembling a set of parameter values that specify the required vocal tract action.
We present a computationally explicit model of the process by which phonological production parameters are set. The model focuses on a specific task that requires the concurrent use of both speech perception and production, which in turn allows us to shed light on the nature of the representations involved in the perception-production link. Specifically, the proposed model formalizes how ongoing response planning is affected by perception and accounts for a range of results reported across previous studies. The key unit of the model is that of the dynamic field, a distribution of activation over the entire range of values associated with each representational parameter. The setting of parameter values takes place by the attainment of a stable distribution of activation over the entire field, stable in the sense that it persists even after the response cue in the above experiments has been removed. This and other properties of representations which have been taken as axiomatic in previous work are derived by the dynamics of the proposed model.

Suggested readings :
- Roon and Gafos, in press, Perceiving while producing. Journal of Memory and Language.
- Schoner et Erlhagen 2002 Dynamic field theory of movement preparation. Psychol Rev. 2002 Jul ;109(3):545-72

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