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[hal-01188296] A Multi-Sensor Helmet to Capture Rare Singing, an Intangible Cultural Heritage Study

A portable helmet based system has been developed to capture motor behavior during singing and other oral-motor functions in a non-laboratory experimental environment. The system, based on vocal tract sensing methods developed for speech production and recognition, consists of a lightweight " hyper-helmet " containing an ultrasonic (US) transducer to capture tongue movement, a video camera for the lips, and a microphone, coupled with a further sensor suite including an electroglottograph (EGG), nose-mounted accelerometer, and respiration sensor. The system has been tested on two rare, endangered singing musical styles, Corsican " Cantu in Paghjella " , and Byzantine hymns from Mount Athos, Greece. The versatility of the approach is furthermore demonstrated by capturing a contemporary singing style known as " Human Beat Box.

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