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SRPP du Vendredi 8 Décembre2017

Lameen Souag (Lacito, CNRS)

Titre : Epenthetic gemination in Algerian Arabic

Résumé :

Algerian Arabic repairs undesirable three-consonant clusters by not only inserting an epenthetic schwa but also geminating the first consonant. This cross-linguistically unusual strategy raises three principal questions : its synchronic conditioning, its diachronic development, and its theoretical implications. This talk first describes the precise details of this phenomenon for the variety of Dellys (north-central Algeria), based on field data from multiple individuals. The changes which produced this system from a starting point similar to that of Classical Arabic are then traced with the aid of comparative dialectological data, revealing speakers’ multi-step reinterpretation of phonetic alternations as phonological, and phonological alternations as morphological. Finally, I consider how the observed phenomenon might be modeled within the framework of CVCV phonology, taking into account existing work on the skeletal effects of stress and of morphological boundaries.