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5 publications principales

Hoole, P., Bombien, L., Mooshammer, C., Pouplier, M. & Kühnert, B. (eds.) (2012). Consonant Clusters and Structural Complexity. Berlin, New York : Mouton de Gruyter. 300 pages.

Hoole, P., Kühnert, B., & Pouplier, M. (2011). Chapter 7 : System-related variation. In A. Cohn, C. Fougeron & M. Huffman (eds.). Handbook of Laboratory Phonology (Oxford Handbooks). 115-130. Oxford : Oxford University Press.

Fougeron, C., Kühnert, B., d’Imperio, M. & Vallé, N. (eds.) (2010). Laboratory Phonology 10 : Variation, Phonetic Detail and Phonological Representation. Berlin, New York : Mouton de Gruyter, 792 pages.

Kühnert, B. & Hoole, P. (2004). Speaker-specific kinematic properties of alveolar reductions in English and German. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, 18, 559-575.

Kühnert, B. & Nolan, F. (2000). The origins of coarticulation. In W. Hardcastle & N. Hewlett (eds.), Coarticulation : Theory, Data and Techniques. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 7-30.