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Axes de Recherche

Research activities :
- Diversity, dynamics and complexity of sound systems in the world’s languages, (Labex EFL axis 1, PPC11). Research on the diversity of sound systems based on the description of phenomena not yet described in the world’s languages and to the study of the variability of sounds and systems, through the anatomical, physical and environmental constraints affecting the production of speech. Sound change and the diachronic evolution of dialects and languages treated as changes of state in the same way that the physical concept of multistationarity and differentiation in cell biology. Phonological systems are considered as population units subject to principles similar to those of population ecology.
- ArtSpeech : project (ANR) that includes work about aerodynamics and acoustic simulation, coordination scenarios between the source and the supraglottal speech articulators, the temporal supervision of the vocal tract geometry and the acquisition of speech production data (in particular dynamic magnetic resonance images of the vocal tract).
- Evolution of human speech and language ; vocalizations of Muriqui monkeys from Brasil ; acoustics of bonobos and chimpanzees vocalizations ; principles of dialectology in human and animal communication, (Labex EFL axis 1, PPC11 and axis 6).
- Ethnomusicology : Research on timbre, structure of vocal polyphonies and musical scales in traditional music of Africa and South America.
- Historical aspects of phonetic instrumentation (reconstruction of a portable Kymograph) ; publication and digitalization of historical recordings in linguistics and music (Digitalization of Edison wax rolls), (Labex EFL)

Fieldwork :
Congo, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Botswana, Gabon, Tanzania,
Colombia, Mexico, Brasil.